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Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly! (XVI)

Mom, when she was in Delhi as a child till marriage, would always travel in a car. We got ready to go to the hospital 3 hours before time because we had to go in a car. We always take Mom in a car or cab, while going to faraway places. That is why we got ready earlier. Dolly and Ronak had realized that we were going out and were ready to be taken with us. When we came out, they immediately came to us. Dolly held one hand of her Mummy Aunty and Ronak held the other and said, “Chalo, chalte hain. (Come let us go.)”


Mom told them, “Today is your birthday. Relatives are expected at your home.”

Dolly in a Merry-Go-Round
Dolly in a Merry-Go-Round

Both of them said in chorus, “Birthday was over in the morning. They will come and then return home. We will go.”

Mom said, “They will not allow children inside.”

They said, “Then you also don’t go.”

At that moment, due to God’s intervention, a man with a merry-go-round came in that direction. The kids loved merry-go-round.

Mom said, “You go for 2 rounds on the merry-go-round. We will go and return immediately.”

They agreed and went for the ride. After the ride, we dropped the kids in their home.

We went to the hospital. Post a lot of drama we got to meet the main doctor. They asked us if we were related to them. Mom replied that we were not. They asked why we were asking about the patient then.

Mom said, “We are not relatives but more than that. I brought up the girl. They do not have male relatives here with them. The girl’s uncle is in Abu Dhabi and he did not get leave. He has been trying very hard to get back. Till that time, on humanity basis, shouldn’t someone help them?”

Then the doctor asked, “What do you want to know about the patient?”

Mom asked, “What is his condition?”

Dolly in a Merry-Go-Round
Dolly in a Merry-Go-Round

The doctor replied, “The patient is in his last days. His liver has been completely destroyed. One by one all the organs are failing. He has been a severe drunkard.”

Mom asked, “How many days do you give him?”

The doctor replied, “2-3 days. Better get him discharged and take him away. We need the bed. He has been occupying it for a long time.”

Mom said, “You say it is just the question of 2-3 days. Why don’t you let him stay for these days? On humanity basis let him stay. If he is discharged now, the women in their home will not be able to take care of him.”

The doctor had to be convinced. He then replied, “We will extend the stay for 3 days only. But he coul die within a day too. Beyond 3 days, we will not extend the stay.”

We returned home with a heavy heart. Do we know what God’s will is? Once we come to this earth, the countdown for the return journey begins the next moment. Who knows, whose time would come, when? We did not go to Dolly’s home. We just went back home.

More to come…

To be continued…


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