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POWWOW Workshops at Pearl Academy

My friend Artist Srushti Mandar Rao contacted A Journalist Reveals regarding some workshops called POWWOW Workshops at Pearl Academy’s Foundation School where she works as AVP – Marketing and Communication. These workshops were being held for the freshers in their Mumbai campus between July 24 to 27. We decided to visit the venue on the 26th.


Srushti said, “From 2018, these inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary Open Lab Workshops form an integral part of our curriculum held at the beginning of each module and conducted by both internal and external resources.”

We were greeted by their Let’s Paint it, the wall art workshop conducted by Avdut Naverkar, the moment we entered the campus. We spoke to 2 students there asking their opinion about the workshop.

Naina Saraswat, Student
Naina Saraswat, Student
Rutvi Kale, Student
Rutvi Kale, Student

One of the students, Rutvi Kale said, “We were informed about the workshop during our orientation. There were several workshops and they were not only fashion-related. It was very exciting and I thought I needed to do this. The workshop is really interesting. When I joined the workshop, I thought we were going to paint on papers sitting in classrooms. And now we are actually painting on a wall. It is surprising to me because we are standing on ladders to reach the highest portion of the wall. It is fun.”

Another student, a fresher at Fashion Designing, Naina Saraswat said, “I find it very amazing. Pearl is one of the best colleges of India. It’s like a dream come true. I am very happy to be associated with this event.”

We also saw some students painting on papers inside a classroom.

Beauty of Junk
Beauty of Junk

Next Srushti took us to Beauty of Junk the upcycle workshop. Here the facilitator Bhoomi Dave, who is a faculty in the institute as well, was conducting the workshop with discarded metal pieces and wires. The designs of the jewelry that the students were making were really very intricate and beautiful. Bhoomi was teaching the students so efficiently that the students were finding it easy to pick up the nuances of the art.

The theater workshop A Self-Journey was being conducted by Natyakiran Manch. They were rehearsing for the next day’s performance.

We did not get to attend Sound Act the voice art workshop. However, we got to speak to the facilitator Rishi Gambhir. He had also taught the children to hide their genuine emotions and depict what was required of them.

When we reached the Contemporary Dance workshop – On the Feet, we saw kids dancing to the tune of a Papa kehte hain remix, very rhythmically. The facilitator Lalita Chaudhary had worked on the kids very hard and the results were obvious.

We returned with a nostalgic feeling and being reminded of our own childhood.


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