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Pranjal Singh

Pranjal – Looking Forward to his Latest Work, the World’s First Gaming Film

Bollywood movies are made by filmmakers taking up that job as a profession. It is part of their job to select the actors and other crew members for working in their movies. What if you could direct the movie sitting in the comfort of your home? What if you could change the actors at whim? That is what this youth from Patna is up to. Behold the world’s first gaming movie!


Basically a photographer, Pranjal Singh has become an Indian film producer, director, actor, editor, story and screenwriter as well, who thinks out-of-the-box. A Journalist Reveals caught up with him and had a small tête-à-tête. Excerpts:

Pranjal Singh
Pranjal Singh

What attracted you towards photography?

I was born in a normal well to do family and at a very young age was gifted a camera by my grandparents. Somehow, I ended up breaking it. But something in me held onto the camera. At an age where kids enjoy movies, playing games, I had the curiosity about understanding photography.
In class 7th, I started saving for a camera and in class 10th after accumulating Rs. 400. I tried to buy my first camera. But again that wasn’t enough, so I had to save for another year to get a camera roll.
The love for Photography was re-kindled in the first year of BBA when I saw a friend Harshit Gupta clicking photos. I remember taking the camera from his hand and clicking few pictures of an ambulance and a man sitting purposelessly.
Then, I asked my dad for a camera and when my loving dad gifted me camera of my choice, began my professional journey and tryst with images with my first ever DSLR which is still my priceless possessions among other cameras. From capturing my college’s festival moments to friend’s parties, I did a lot of experimentation with my camera in 2009. I created a Facebook community in my name which later changed into a page where I used to share images.
Laut aao na was my kick-start to fame and popularity with huge responses from colleagues and family members.
Post Degree completion I was offered a monthly job of Rs 4000/- which I refused to take up and decided to take up photography. Back to back I made six albums and started making short video films. I also went onto direct several short films,
Raise Your Voice, Jai Ho, a documentary on Patna, music videos like Bhavra, O Janiya, an advertisement of Royal Enfield and a short film titled Zindagi Ek Lamha, etc.
I started my own production house called One Click Production (OCP) with a mission to give the best of art to those who hired me. From a 40,000 rupee camera, I had earned nothing less than 40 Lakhs till date. OCP is one of the most emerging production houses in India, covering 6 cities including Lucknow, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Gurgaon and having more than 500 employees. Together they believe in customer satisfaction and show a keen interest in taking projects like music videos, documentary, and photography shoots, short films, digital marketing, government projects, commercials advertisements, wedding films and feature films. I have trained more than 200 photography students who had no camera or film knowledge and given directions to their life.

Pranjal Singh
Pranjal Singh

What do you do when not doing anything connected to music? (Hobbies)
I am a Consulting creative editor with ABP News Network and that’s basically my full-time job. A part from that I enjoy creating online content and direct short films and documentaries.

What is your support system?
My support system is my will power, Shivji and my family are my primary support systems. When you start on to something many people join you and help you grow and that’s what happened with me. I also fell in love again but if I tell you the story then you might as well relate it to an episode of crime patrol.

My role models are my father Mr. R.P Singh, brother Shashank Shekhar Singh, and mother Rita Kumari Singh.

Any other current projects you would like to mention? What can look forward to from you in the near future?

Currently, one of the important projects that I am currently working is that of a gaming film which is going to change the way we watch films. From changing star cast to directing, gaming films can be handled through the control panel and run as per one’s own whims and fancy. It’s not some kind of animation but pure reality and would be just the way you watch films with a difference that you can decide whom you want to see.

Also, I am working on this project called The BC Show (The Baat Cheet Show), which is a pure comedy show for my channel and also we are directing a few documentaries. Stay tuned to OCP on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell icon!

What do you see 10 years down the line?

I want to be a good human being and really want to take care of my parents, my future wife and future kids. I really want OCP to grow in scale, provide employment to more people and do justice to the art I have. I would want to make at least 10 movies in the next 10 years and really want to see OCP grow multi-tangentially.


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