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Children’s Unintentional Antics
Children’s Unintentional Antics

Reply to Blaming the Victim (Part VII – Children’s Unintentional Antics)

Post the publication of the previous part of this series, we have had several queries about the root cause of all these issues and I decided to share a couple of incidents that happened in front of me in this post on Children’s Unintentional Antics.

Children’s Unintentional Antics

Children react to stimuli or the happenings in front of them. Some months ago, I had shared a post about how little children try to explore the private parts of their siblings of opposite gender. I guess they must have watched someone doing it. How else would they be curious about these things?

The second incident happened with Dolly, the little girl I keep talking about often. One day, Dolly and her friend, Prachi came to our home. It was time for us sisters to return home from college. So, Mom was busy cooking lunch for us.

When I entered, I saw Dolly hitting the front of her waist at the bottom of a forward bent Prachi. I was shocked and saw that they were imitating a similar action being shown on a music channel on TV. I switched off the TV and asked Mom, why she had let the girls watch the channel.

Mom said that she was watching news. How the channel number had changed, she did not know. Dolly owned up to have meddled with the TV remote. Mom told the girls not to imitate such things.

Dolly asked, “Why did they do it on TV?”

Mom replied, “It is ok in their country. If we do it, God will pluck out our eyes.”

Both the girls moved their eyes and made sure their visual faculties were working.

Mom told them to apologize to God and the kids did so.

Photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels

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