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Ronak’s Nostalgia

Today’s post is Ronak’s Nostalgia. There is a very important reason, we are posting this interview today. It’s Children’s Day and it is also the birthday of one of the kids, who had been very close to my Mom – Ronak Bhatia. This kid is one of the several, who would call my Mom – Mummy Aunty (Though, it was I who taught them to call her so.)


Mom got acquainted with this little boy when he was just a few months old. He came with his paternal grandmother Kanta Aunty and was very cranky at that time. Mom place a few crystals of sugar on the tip of his tongue and he calmed down. He stayed with Mom for some time until Kanta Aunty was in our home and actually fell asleep on my Mom’s lap!

On another occasion when he was older and his sister Dolly, we were going to our native place and little Dolly insisted that she wanted to come with us. To convince her to stay back, we promised to bring an elephant for her to play. When we returned, Dad went to his office and Mom, my sister and I were very tired and were resting. We hadn’t informed the kids about our return.

Mom called a vegetable vendor to the first floor. Ronak immediately came up to our floor and said, “I thought I heard you. Did you bring the elephant for Dolly?”

Mom said, “No.”

“I missed you, Mummy Aunty,” he said and hugged Mom.

Ronak as a kid with his Mummy Aunty

On one of his birthdays, we had been invited to their home. Ronak was crying due to some reason. His father was playing a Punjabi dance song on their player. Mom picked up the kid and began dancing Bhangra. I and Ronak’s mother, Alka also joined her. That was when the kid calmed down. Mom has that unnamed magic in her hands.

We had lost touch when our building went for reconstruction and we sold our flat because of space issues. Recently, I found Alka on Facebook and we renewed our contact. We decided to do a short interview of the birthday boy today. Due to lockdown and coronavirus affecting courier services, we could not send him a gift. Would there be any better gift than this interview? Ronak has to decide that.

Today, on the occasion of Ronak’s birthday, Mom wants to dance in front of his horse with me and Alka, on the occasion of his marriage. 🙂

Some information about you.

I am a CA by profession and graphologist by passion. An avid reader and meditator, I am driven by knowing the why behind the what.

What was Ronak’s reaction when you told him that we had connected on fb?

It was actually a pleasant surprise to know about whereabouts of Mummy Aunty. The first question that came to my mind was – How did you find her??

What did he feel on speaking to his Mummy Aunty after 17 years?

He remembered so many things of the childhood. Some old memories flashed and the thoughts of how he missed Mummy Aunty.

After the call was cut, what was his reaction?

Happy and nostalgic.

Additionally, what does he say now?

Looking forward to meet Mummy Aunty soon now!

A matchstick glows for a few seconds. A candle glows for an hour. The sun glows for a day. We wish Ronak glows forever and ever.


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