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Diwali Festive Sweets (Part V)

Today is Govardhan Pooja and Annakoota. Today, it is traditionally accepted that we eat food and snacks prepared in our own kitchen. No outside food or ones given by someone other than close family members cooking in one kitchen. Most importantly, milk rice and curd rice are made today. Among ...

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Diwali Festive Sweets (IV)

Today is Lakshmi Pooja. It is time to make 5 sweets and 1-2 salty dishes. Among the 5 sweets, teratti pal, pal payasam, sheera, abhisheka panchamritam and naivedya panchamritam can be made. Naivedya Panchamritam: Beat as many seedless dates as you want in milk. Beat 5 sapota fruits also in ...

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Diwali Festive Sweets (Part III)

Today is Naraka Chaturdashi. It is imperative that one sweet and one salty dish be made at home. Take one glass chana dal and one glass moong dal. Pour one heaped teaspoon good quality ghee in a preheated kadhai. Roast the moong dal in it and keep it aside. Pour ...

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Diwali Festive Sweets – Part II

Today is Dhantrayodashi. People visit friends and relatives from this day during Diwali. We suggest here an easily made fresh sweet for today. Take a grated coconut. Grate some jaggery and keep it separately. Keep diamond sugar crystals in one small bowl separately. There are some fennel seed peppermints available ...

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Diwali Festive Sweets

Diwali begins from Rama Ekadashi during Kartik month. The daughter-in-law coming from a doctor family was in jeopardy as to preparing sweets for Diwali. The doctor did not like to store sweets and insisted on finishing the same within the day it is prepared. The daughter-in-law called my Mom. Mom ...

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