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Diwali Festive Sweets (Part III)

Today is Naraka Chaturdashi. It is imperative that one sweet and one salty dish be made at home. Take one glass chana dal and one glass moong dal. Pour one heaped teaspoon good quality ghee in a preheated kadhai. Roast the moong dal in it and keep it aside. Pour another heaped teaspoonful of ghee and roast the chana dal to keep aside. Pressure cook both the dals till tender together with 3-4 glasses of water.


Roast a fistful of cashew nuts in one teaspoon of ghee. Similarly, separately roast one fistful of chopped almonds and keep aside. Roast one fistful of chopped pistachios and charoli separately and keep them aside. Roast a fistful of dried grapes and keep aside. Pour 2 teaspoons ghee and add mashed dals into it to mix them. Add required amount of grated jaggery.

Mix well and add 1/4 teaspoons cardamom powder, 5 cloves and one pinch of nutmeg powder to mix well. Add all the nuts, grapes and grated one half of coconut to garnish.

Together with this dish, dal vada can be made, in which cabbage, carrots, peas, capsicum, etc. can be added. The vadas should be the size of your palm. The above sweet and dal vada can be served together.


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