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The Scam in Junior College (Part V)

Both Gauri and Radha had long hair and went to the same dance class to learn Bharatanatyam. Gauri had told her friend when she would wear her plaits in a particular way the students would tease her Chotiwali Miss behind her back. The other teachers complained to the Staff Supervisor Manpreet Kaur and the Supervisor, in turn, told her strictly not to wear her plaits in her classic way. Radha from day one wore her hair in the same way as Gauri as a challenge.

The supervisor caught her after the first lecture and told her to leave her plaits loose.

“It is my hair and my decision. I will wear my hair the way I want. I am not your slave that I would follow your decisions about my personal things. If you have any problem with my work tell me I will rectify. Otherwise, please do not interfere with my personal preferences,” Radha put her foot down.

After that, the teachers stayed away from her personal decisions. But, she knew they were looking for a chance to throw her out of the college like they did to Gauri.

The next day she and Asha were finger-printed the moment the principal came in for the day. The first day of her duty itself as a lecturer was difficult since she had to address more than 80 students in each class. So she asked the principal Mr. Bhattacharya, “Sir, it is difficult to speak very loudly in class. There are more than 80 students in every class. Can I have a mike?”

To that, the principal snapped, “How do the other teachers take lectures? If you don’t know how to control the class, learn from them!”

To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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