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The Scam in Junior College

I wrote this story in 2013 and think this is the right time to share it with the readers of A Journalist Reveals. This is also one of the stories I wrote based on a real incident:

It was November. Gauri Desai was returning home from the Acharya Kripa Junior College, where she was working as an English lecturer. She was definitely not in a humorous mood. On top of that, a man was sitting on the bus seat that was reserved for women and was not ready to budge. After some argument, when she turned to look at the conductor, the man commented, “You are weak so I have to leave this seat!”

Gauri realized that outsiders would not understand what she went through as a lecturer. People today took professionals in the teaching profession for granted. There was no place to sit in the class, with hardly any space for her to stand and teach. The whole place was hogged by more than 80 students. She had only the small platform to contend with. She even had to keep her books on the first bench. The authorities would say that teachers are not supposed to sit. Taking 4-5 lectures of 45 minutes each continuously was tiring. This included the proxy lectures of those who were absent on that day. Nobody bothered to understand that teachers are also human beings. Lecturers were often thrown out for no fault of theirs. The extra lectures of those dumped would also be thrown on her lap.

The moment the man got up and she got to sit, she called her mother and told her what had happened. She then angrily mentioned her problem. Her mother soothed her that at least she could get to sit after the argument.

To be continued…

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