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Radha Looked at Keshav for one Second

The Stalker (Part II)

Keshav came with her to their home, that evening and settled on the sofa in the hall and began glancing through a magazine.

“Do you plan to do something about my problem or just laze around here?” Radha asked, curtly.

“I have placed your landline as well as cellphones on surveillance. What else can I do now? Unless he calls, I cannot do anything.”

As Asha brought coffee and snacks, she asked him, “Did you check on the criminals released recently?”

“Yes, I did.” Keshav replied. “At least 5-6 of them had been sent to jail by Radha. They are being questioned right now. The letter is also being checked by our forensic experts. We will know the outcome in a couple of days. But, I don’t think we can get much out of it. Such criminals take a lot of care not to leave any tell-tale marks or fingerprints.”

“I really wonder, who could it be,” Asha looked thoughtfully at her coffee cup.

“You don’t get these kind of calls, do you?” Keshav asked Asha.

“No, I don’t. Why?”

“2 beautiful girls shift into a well-furnished flat in a residential complex. One girl suddenly starts getting crank calls. The other girl, doesn’t. It does not add up.”

“I have received a couple of blank calls, if that would help.”

“So, whoever is calling wants to talk to Radha only. Now, who could be that secret admirer? Radha, do you know who could do such a thing?”

“No, I don’t,” she blurted. She picked up the coffee tray and said, “If I knew, I would have killed him by now.”

She went to the kitchen to leave the tray there.

“She seems to be really upset,” Keshav commented.

“Actually, it’s you. You are upsetting her. Every time she has a tiff with you, she gets into such a mood.”

“Really,” he looked interested. “I never knew that.”

“You don’t know half the thing…”

At that time, the landline phone rang and both sat up. Radha calmly came out of the kitchen and picked up the receiver.

“It’s for you,” she held the receiver out for Keshav.

“Yeah…” Keshav was told by his deputies that 3 of the 6 criminals had been arrested and the questionings had begun. The other 3 could not be traced.

“So, it is one of those 3 criminals,” Asha commented conclusively.

“Don’t be so sure. But, I have told my officers to find as much information as possible about them.”

“Could it be that any of the people still in jail are trying to scare Radha through someone else?” Asha suddenly suggested.

“It could be. My officers are also working on that angle, too. At the same time, Radha had rejected some suitors…”

“How did you know?” Radha’s eyes opened wide.

“We do a thorough job always. Tell us more about the suitors.”

“The person is NOT my suitor and I am NOT going to tell you about them.”

“But, Radha, he seems to be a decent chap. What do you think?”

Radha Looked at Keshav for one Second
Radha Looked at Keshav for one Second

Radha looked at him for one second trying to control her anger and turned away toward her room.

“You are leaving a blazing trail behind you. Your secret admirer might see it.”

Radha did an about turn and said, “Keshav, gimme a break.”

Before he could give another witty retort, the phone rang again.

Radha picked it up and spoke into it, casually. The moment she realized that it was her ‘secret admirer’ she signaled Keshav, who immediately became attentive.

“What do you want?” Radha asked losing her patience.

“I want you,” the caller replied. The next moment, she heard a clatter and a scuffle. Then, she heard a click and the phone went dead.

A few minutes later, Keshav got a call. He replied in monosyllables and hung up within minutes. After that, he told the girls that the stalker had been caught. It was already 2 AM, so he stayed back and told Radha to see him in the afternoon at the police station.

To be continued…

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