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Radha was Furious

The Stalker (Part III)

When Radha reached the police station, Keshav told her about the man, who had been stalking her. The man was a middle-aged divorcee and has become a psycho due to the breakup of his marriage. Keshav added, “Do you know, why he chose you over Asha? He said that you had a very innocent look on your face. He thought he could get a very good catch if he could marry you.”

“Oh, I see. Is that all?” Radha asked, trying to be patient.

“Yes, that’s it.”

At that moment, his phone rang. “Yeah… Ok… Can we meet then?… She hung up.”

When he had disconnected the call, he looked at her. She had a mischievous smile on her face.

He asked, “Do you know something about this call?”

“May be. May be not,” she shrugged. Then getting angry, she added, “You son of a …”

“Hey, hey, hey! Gimme a break,” he imitated her.

“What break? I will break your bones,” with that she got up and was about to approach him with vengeance, when he said, “Ok, ok. You win. I just wanted access to your home for a night. The owner of the house did not wait for our investigation to get over…”

“What investigation? There was no case from the beginning.”

“There was. A woman was murdered in that house a few days before you shifted….”

“Why did nobody get to know about it?”

“Because the other reporters are not so nosy as you,” he teased her.

Radha was Furious
Radha was Furious

“Stop it, Keshav. This is the limit!” Radha was angry. Saying that was an understatement. She was furious.

“Please sit down, Radha. I have not completed the story.”

“Oh then, I am a child and you are telling me a story, right?” her eyes flashed in anger.

“Don’t get me wrong. The owner of the house did not wait for our investigation to get over and had rented the flat to your company. We had only removed the seal on the house. I wanted to stay back for the night to search the hall where we had found the dead body.”

“And why would that be?” she asked sarcastically. “That too after we shifted. Can you get any clues in the given situation? We could have inadvertently smudged the telltale marks.”

“We had already got the preliminary investigations done. I had a suspicion that there was something we were missing. When I stayed overnight and you both had gone to sleep, I searched the wardrobe in the hall. I always wondered, why the wardrobe is in the hall. The owner of the flat said that it was not made by him. So, it turned out that it was made by the woman. I found a small secret chamber inside and there was the secret I wanted to find. The motive for murder – a diamond necklace. Now, I suspect someone and I just have to prove it.”

“Now, who’s that?”

“The husband of the woman, who went off and married his lover, as soon as he cremated his wife’s body. I had an eye on him for some time.”

“Now that your investigation is over, can I take leave of you, Sir?”

“Yes, you can.”


He kept looking at the swinging door of his cabin long after she had left.

Disclaimer: All photographs used in this Fiction Series are only for representation.

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