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Tricks for Academic Achievements

Achievers always have some tricks up their sleeve. Let’s take the example of the toppers in exams. They come up with some really interesting tips and tricks to remember their lessons and some of them never forget these lessons all through their lives. How’s that?


If this sounds interesting, read on…

Mathematics: Mathematics is one of the toughest subjects but there are so many tricks you can learn along the way. Let’s take an example. We have always mugged up the tables. Here is something my Mom taught me. There is a pattern in the 9 tables. I am sure you are looking at it now. 9 once are 9. 9 tens are 90. 9 twos are 18 and 9 nines are 81. Now, do you get the idea? When you come to 9 threes it is 27, while 9 eights are 72. You go straight from 9 once to 9 fives. Then beyond that you have to just reverse the digits of the results and that too in the descending order.

9 table
9 once are 9
9 twos are 18
9 threes are 27
9 fours are 36
9 fives are 45
9 sixes are 54
9 sevens are 63
9 eights are 72
9 nines are 81
9 tens are 90

Science: Similarly there are certain tricks to remember parts of the sciences. The colours of the rainbow can be remembered as VIBGYOR. If you want to remember the minerals any living organism needs, just memorize the following statement – C.HOPKINS CaFe Mighty Good! Translation – Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iodine, nitrogen, Sulphur, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. If you know the symbols for all these elements you will pick it up fast.

History: Basically history means events. So list them out in separate sections – wars, battles, birth-death of personalities and events in the freedom struggle, revolutions. It becomes easy to keep in mind.

Geography: Geography is all about locations. If you make a list of all the locations, with their specialties like geographical regions like grasslands or deserts, mineral deposits, useful plants-edible as well as other uses, animals – domestic and wild, etc., you are sure to score well. Take my word for it.

Languages: Stories from language textbooks are easy to pick up. The subject becomes problematic due to grammar and spellings. That is why some extra reading is required. Reading has become a fading habit. Instead of playing computer games, do some extra reading for at least half an hour daily. While reading, concentrate on sentence formation and spellings. If the children concentrate on what they are reading or doing, they can retain the same for a lifetime. They should also try to converse in English to gain proficiency in the spoken language.

The grammar rules in Hindi are somewhat similar to English. If the children learn the similarities, they can do well in this subject as well. Here again conversation can help pick up the nuances of the spoken language.



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