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Winter Make-up Tips

Winter Make-up Tips
By Pooja Goel
1. Use dark and tinted color polish to darken your nails. It is ideal for the winter season and looks best on tiny, just-to-your-fingertips nails.
2. Try colored mascara like navy, burgundy, copper, grayish and golden that gives lashes a delicate color and some depth as well, without looking too noticeable.
3. Winters call for more clear eyes. So, you should use a golden-silver or charcoal liner along your upper lashes.
4. Winter is a good season to experiment with the subtle and natural shades of makeup, such as light browns, grays, pinks and purples.
5. During winters, the main focus should be on eyes. A smoky eye look will work well during this time of the year. Coffee eye shadows or cinnamon can be applied.
6. To avoid chapped lips, keep them moisturized. Always carry a lip-gloss throughout the day. Tinted lip balms, in honey, blackberry and red currant tones, look great in winter.
7. For fragrance, stick to jasmine and rose oils, spices and other natural aromas.
8. A pure layer of creamy blush-on can improve the subtle make-up look that you adopt in winters.

Pooja Goel
Pooja Goel

About Pooja Goel: Pooja Goel is a make-up artist and owner of Khoobsurat salon, spa and academy


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