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All about JaWa Diet

By Jasmin Waldmann
Just think about it. When we are talking about guidance nutrition, there are a number of diets, which need to be strictly followed. May it be the Paelo diet, Hollywood diet, Atkins diet or Dukan diet. Once one stops following them, they are back to square one.
I discovered that there is really one type of diet required which supports in re-learning and gives everybody the freedom to choose according to their own body’s needs.
Coaching many clients over the years, I found that food and diets are (mis)used very often to compensate mental imbalances. May it be stress related, feelings of loneliness or just to pamper oneself. Thus a mental solution was also required.
My team and I researched for 3 years to find something different plus learning about all ways of eating.
We learned about all diets, the understanding of Yoga Science regarding eating, Ayurveda, Vegan diet, vegetarian way in the West, food combining ways. I also learned a lot about diet including the connection to health and also diseases.
All this was done in order to find a diet style, which takes care of the needs of each person, because what suits one may not suit the other. It is a fact that each person needs different food and also often different times of eating than others.
In the end, I did not find one single such way and the only smart solution was to create one. Step by step, JaWa Diet was created. It started in 2010 in Germany under the name “Pilardio Nutrition” and changed in July 2015 to what it is now called “JaWa Diet”.
The diet: The JaWa Diet is a style of diet management. It teaches a healthy way to eat and helps to understand what our body really needs.

Step by step, it brings us back to our own somatic intelligence (somatic intelligence: somatic= soma, is Greek for body, so it means ‘physical intelligence’).

The point is not to follow a diet forever, but to follow your own instincts and understand the actual needs of your own body. And this will last forever.

The program is convinced that everybody knows what their body and mind really needs better than anybody else (no doctor, blood test results or nutritionists will know). People have just forgotten about it over the years.

The individual needs to undergo this 3-monthprogram to fully trust his own body signals.

After the program the participant can clearly divide what the body and mind need- since there are big differences. After the 3-month program the follower is able to choose the meals and nutrients on its own again. That lasts a lifetime.

The benefits for followers

• It helps to bring the body in a great shape,
• reduces cellulite,
• reduces extra body weight,
• detoxes the whole system – body and mind,
• Brings the body into great balance again – which is seen in regular bowel movements.
The most important part is that it helps to get one back to the understanding of one’s own needs – bodily as well as physically and thus bring back the self –confidence.
And on top of all that they also get to know how to follow it for a lifetime.


About Jasmin Waldmann, the founder of JaWa Diet: Jasmin studied Sports and Health in Germany and during that time, officially studied the topic of “Diet” later becoming a “Diet Consultant”. In addition she did many certificate courses in NLP.
As a kid of a Romanian mother and a German father she was brought up with a very healthy diet with no sweets available in her house at all. Jasmin’s diet was more the Romanian and Hungarian cuisine rather than German.
But with her pocket money she would go straight to the bakery and bought all the kind of sweets she liked. This happened maybe once in 2 weeks and she loved them -especially chocolate and dry cake. Since she had a super fast metabolism and she ran around all day and sometimes even at nights as well – as she was full of power – she was underweight for many years. So her mom, according to the doctors’ recommendation, sent her to the island of Sylt, to gain weight.
Then later in her childhood she faced massive emotional pain, since she lost three of her very close family members – her mom, father and granny. Thus her interest in the emotional (mental) and physical connection developed. She found out that there is always a connection between emotions and bodily (physical) needs. People eat according to their emotional needs rather than their physical.
If one feels sad he eats a whole lot differently as compared to a person who is happy in all doings. And also their body exercises create a different need of the body.
Because of her loss she started fitness training and learnt about movements of all kinds and experimented with her own diet.
This multitalented lady has been living and operating in India for over three years. But she sees clients from all over the world.

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