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Anant Chaturdashi
Anant Chaturdashi

Anant Chaturdashi

Today is Anant Chaturdashi. If Lord Anant (the Eternal One) is worshipped today, we receive eternal happiness and prosperity. Any wish placed at the feet of the Lord is fulfilled.



We can worship a photo of Maha Vishnu with the snake Anant. The idol or photo of Maha Vishnu lying on Anant is auspicious particularly today. If you want to celebrate it with pomp, you can worship Lord Anant in the form of a mud, silver or copper kumbha at the altar. A tailed coconut wrapped in a red cloth is placed on it. Or a mud, silver or copper plate can be placed on the kumbha and some kusha grass can be spread over it. Then, an idol of Lord Anant Padmanabha or a mud Anant can be placed on it and worshipped.


Worship can be according to the family tradition. Or the family Guru or pundit can be consulted for information on the worship. The most important thing is the offering of a 14-knotted thread. The thread is to be made in the following way: A cotton thread is dipped in turmeric or kumkum paste and 14 knots are made in it. The threads should be as many as the family members. These threads should be offered to the Lord and post aarti the threads should be worn by all the family members

Ladies should wear it on the left arm and men on the right. Some say that this thread should be kept for 14 days. Others say that the threads can be removed when the pooja is completed. Some others say that the threads should be worn for 14 years as the pooja has to continue for that period. Others say that the thread should be changed every year. This is a subject of research.

Reading the story is important after the pooja. We will post the story in the next post.

To be continued…

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