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Auspicious Vastu Tips

  1. A small auspicious rangoli makes a lot of difference. When we go out of the main door, just on the right side of the path, the rangoli can be made. First clean the place with cow dung and water. Then draw a small auspicious rangoli like a swastika or an 8-petalled lotus. Right in the middle sprinkle a pinch of kumkum. Surrounding this kumkum place some turmeric in a circular form. Surrounding the turmeric place some vibhuti (ash) obtained from a Shiva Temple again in a circular form.
  2. In front of the place where pooja is performed, place a glass tumbler with water and a lemon in it. As and when the lemon gets spoilt, keep changing the lemon and the water.
  3. For prosperity, wealth and auspicious happenings, place a large flat vessel with water at home, in offices and shops. Mix kumkum and turmeric in the water. Then decorate the surface of the water with colouful flowers.

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