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Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod

Getting Positive Vibes from Vastu

Today the pace in which our country is developing, buildings are being constructed without adhering to Vastu rules. At many places, the plots are so crooked and of irregular shapes that the builders cannot follow them. However, the science of Vastu is so advanced that many simple changes can create positive vibes for the people living in the given house or people working in the given office.
A Journalist Reveals contacted Parag Rathod once again to enlighten us on some of the basic concepts in Vastu. This is what he had to say:
There are various reasons for the problems in the given Vastu. Following are the reasons for the problems:
Generally Vastushastra rules, say that the Vastu should preferably be either square or rectangle. But in today’s fast paced, commercial life, it is not possible to find such a square or rectangle Vastu. Large buildings are today constructed on land plots. These buildings have number of flats.
People residing in such flats face the problems related to 3 Vastus: the plot, the building and the flat itself. Since we cannot make amendments to the Vastu of the building and the plot, we can take precautions and make remedial measures in the Vastu of the flat we are living in.
Looking at the structures of the buildings in this modern world, it comes to our notice that the flats have lot many cuts and extensions and one will bear the fruits of such cuts and extensions depending on the directions they are in. For e.g. an extension in the north east one will generally find that the children in this house are stubborn. Extension in south indicates major disease or there maybe illness continuously in that house.
Cuts: Normally a Vastu is considered to be perfect in a square or a rectangle form. Many times today, there can be seen a wall or a window jutting out of the main Vastu. These are called cuts.
Extensions: If a whole room is jutting out of the main Vastu, these are called extensions.
Problem Structures:
• The positioning of the rooms and the direction they are in, have both good and bad effects on the residents. For e.g. kitchen should be in south east, bed room must be in south west direction.
• Also placing of minute objects in the house, too, can have certain effect on them. For e.g. T.V. if placed in north, people in this house will always watch news channels and those channels related to money management.
• Vastu is a living organism. It is called Vastupurush. He has tremendous power which helps or supports us to mend our fate. There is an old story about Vastupurush that says that this extremely powerful body of the Vastupurush was caught hold of, by 45 Gods and Asuras. These Gods and Asuras grabbed a place each, on the Vastupurush and made it their home. Thus they indicate the good or bad energy sign in a given Vastu. Therefore, it is said that once you start respecting these energies, you are bound to reap the benefits. In short absence of that energy in a Vastu indicates you will have to bear the brunt of it.
• Another scientific reason is that Vastu is nothing but a combination of all 5 elements of nature, viz. earth, water, air, fire and sky, which have their own direction and if any of these directions are not observed it will give its reverse effects. For e.g. fire should be in south east direction and that is why kitchen is to be preferred in this direction.
Solutions: There is no need to worry if the Vastu in your home/office is wrong. There are various remedial measures available.
• Certain small steps can be taken while selecting small things and how and where can they be placed according to the Vastu like making changes in seating arrangements, changing the position of the bed, placing of the mandir, making changes in the children’s bedroom and study room for improving concentration and their life, etc. Such changes will definitely bring positive changes in the behavior of the residents.
• Colour therapy can be used according to the rooms and their directions.
• Yantras like Shri Yantra, Rahu Ketu Yantra, etc. can also help.
• Mantra Jaap is also used as a supporting remedy.
• Vaatu Shanti pooja is also a remedy, which transmits some good energy to reduce the ill effects.
• Dhaatu-Dhanyasanskar (use of metals and various grains in respective directions).
• Ratnasanskar (use of various gems in various directions).
All of these will help in receiving positive vibes and will give those results which is beneficial for you, but it has to be done step by step. The difference before and after will be noticeable.
French windows: Some people say French Windows are good. Some give negative feedback for the same. According to Parag, French windows are best in North and East direction to increase positive energy. They should preferably be avoided in South and West direction as more of negative energy will flow.
Staircase: Now-a-days, there is often a staircase going down in front of the main door of the flat. There is not even much distance between the door and the stairs. The place cannot be reconstructed. A Journalist Reveals asked him how negative could this be and what can be done in this case?
Any staircase going downward from the front of the house is acceptable. But upward going staircase should be avoided as per Vastu. Remedies can be done on treshold by placing “Ratnas” (gems) and also by placing Yantras above the door to avoid the bad effects.

Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod
Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod

About Parag Rathod: Vastu Consultant Mr. Parag Rathod is creating positive and energetic spaces since 2005. His study on Vastu and related sciences, have helped him gain in depth knowledge, which he has put to use by helping numerous people in rectifying their Vastu dosha.


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