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Roohi Khatri

Jago India, Auronko Bhi Jagao! (Awaken and Awaken Others too!)

We Indians face a number of difficulties in our daily life; some of them have been in existence for a long time. Young people particularly educated young are more and more aware of the problems faced by Indians today. They are ready with solutions. But does anyone care? We do. Therefore we have compiled some of them for the benefit of the larger population of Indians.


Roohi Khatri started off as a patriot and has not been able to fight the cynicism of the country’s youth. As a passion and profession she is an enthusiastic public relations officer for various brands and her way of life. She lives a life between romance and cynicism and loves living on the edge.
Problem no. 1: Roohi Khatri finds that “Our sense of community is awakened only at the wrong times.” The communities will not rise to an occasion together to get the streets cleaned or the potholes situation sorted. But the minute there is a political comment on the community, the entire gang will come together.
Solution: College students from each area can decide to dedicate one day to the betterment of the roads. Students to stand on the road where there are potholes, one person per pothole. Imagine the Photo Opportunity, imagine the attention and imagine the shame that the BMC goes through. But it can’t just stop there, there have to be a different set of individuals who work with the BMC to ensure that things change, check on the quality of cement, the standard of the contractor (via RTI) and get the right work done. We have the tools to ensure that the government offices are kept in check but we are too LAZY to exercise the right.

Problem no. 2: She says, “We don’t know where to slot our women.”
Even the younger generation expects mothers to cook and clean. Even now we have matrimonial ads that say ‘daughter, 28, cooks well’. Why? We want to see women taking new strides and making decisions right? Why is our perception of women still stuck in the kitchen?
Solution: Change in mindset.

Problem no. 3: According to Roohi, “We are Lazy.” We will like posts and we will forward ‘online petitions’ but we will not go to the BMC or the local MLA and actually do the work required to sort any problem. We are all armchair critics.
Solution: Mobilization of the masses.

Problem no. 4: Roohi opines, “We don’t know what we have.” Tourism in India is something that every city can benefit from; but we don’t know how to package anything and maintain it. We will popularize Elephanta Caves, for example, in guide books but we will do nothing to make sure that the tourist spot is clean.
Solution: Change in mindset and actual implementation of the good thoughts.

Problem no. 5: “We don’t wanna change ANYTHING.” We will adjust and we will complain.
Solution: Just like the youth today can create viral videos and start peace protests with the power of social media; why can’t awareness be created about problems in India? And gather solutions and execute them? If not social media, use the people power. We are a very young country, we have passion in our youth as well. Why not use it?

Roohi Khatri
Roohi Khatri

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