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1. Some adults were discussing the govt.’s role in avoiding railway accidents. Suddenly a 6-year old boy, who was playing nearby with his friends, said disappointedly, “Govt. does not do anything.”
His father laughed and asked him, “What do you think can be done to avoid accidents?”
The little boy innocently replied, “There should be speed breakers on the railway tracks!”
2. One man was told by the doctor that he should not eat hot stuff since he had ulcer. The man spent the whole of next day at his home walking around and when his son returned home from office, he started reading the newspaper. The son was angry and asked, “Why did you not read the newspaper the whole day? Only when I came to read it you have picked it up.”
The man replied, “Doctor told me not to have hot stuff. So I waited the whole for the news to get cold!”
3. 2 kids brought their report cards to their father for signature. The younger kid asked his elder brother to show his card first. When his father asked the younger one, “How much did you score?”
He replied, “Just 1 mark less than my elder brother.”
Asked, how much did the elder brother score? He replied, “1 mark!”


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