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Margashirsh Thursday Pooja
Margashirsh Thursday Pooja

Margashirsh Thursday (Part VIII)

After some days, Shuratchandrika went to her daughter’s home. That day was the last Thursday of Margashirsh. Shyambala had performed Lakshmi Pooja. She made her mother perform the Pooja, too. Shuratchandrika returned home. She had performed the Lakshmi Pooja. Thus, she found the past wealth and prosperity again.


Some days later, Shyambala came to her maiden home. But, Shuratchandrika was angry with her daughter that she had gifted coal to her father and nothing to her mother. Thus, Shyambala was insulted at her maiden home. However, Shyambala was not angry with her mother. She left her maiden home and took some salt while leaving.

The moment Shyambala reached home, her husband asked her what she had brought from her maiden home. Shyambala replied, “I have brought a taste of the kingdom.”

The husband asked, “What do you mean?”

She replied, “You will understand everything within a few hours.”

That day, Shyambala asked her maids to prepare their food without salt. She served the saltless food to her husband. Maladhar found the food tasteless. Shyambala placed some salt on the plate. When he mixed the salt with the food, he found the food tasty. She said, “This is the taste of the kingdom.”

Her husband understood what she wanted to say. When people perform Lakshmi Pooja in this manner with devotion, they will receive the benevolence of the Goddess and attain happiness and peace. Their desires will also be fulfilled. But, once wealth is attained, people should not give up performing the Pooja. Reading and listening to the above story is important on every Thursday. If people find it convenient, they can read the book every Thursday all through the year. Alternatively, this activity can be done during Margashirsh Thursdays only. Let this story do good to everybody. Shubham Bhavatu. Om Sri Mahalakshmyay Namaha. The posts connected to this vrata have been concluded. We will continue to share other interesting stuff with the readers.

Margashirsh Thursday Pooja
Margashirsh Thursday Pooja

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