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Dolly Typing on Her Mummy Aunty's Typewriter!

Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly! (VI)

Continued from Part V


When my Mom returned home after talking to them, Dolly also came with her and said, “I won’t go home now forever. I will stay with you.”

When that mischief-monger lady left, Dolly, catching hold of Mom said, “That woman is gone!” They were standing on the balcony. Mom went back to their home.

Readers you have to understand one thing about Dolly’s late paternal grandfather. The man had taken loans. He would make these people give some more money to him, when they would come to their home to take back the money. Dolly’s mother was selected by him for her father for marriage years ago. But he had taken so many loans from different people that due to the stress, he had a heart attack and died 15 days before the marriage.

He had told Dolly’s mother and her parents that his son was BA pass and a proprietor of an electrical shop. Actually, he was an eighth fail and the father and son would sit in a 6’ by 6’ small electric shop. When he expired, the marriage took place after 1 month since the old man had selected her. For 1 month after the marriage Dolly’s mother was happy. Post that she started finding our all the lies. One day, a person from whom a large amount was taken in loan, made them sell the shop and took the entire money. Even then they could not settle the loan.

Dolly’s father had to tell the truth when he came home. For 2 days they all were miserable. Then Dolly’s mother told her husband to bring out his degree certificate, so that they could get some job through her father’s influence. When she was told that he was eighth fail, she was shocked. After 2-3 days, she came to our home and asked if she could get a job since she had completed B.Com. Dad helped her get a job. But since she was pregnant with Ronak, due to stress she had too much morning sickness and giddiness. That is why she could not go for the interview. Then Mom told her to earn from home until her husband could get a job.

Mom gave her 22 students for whom she had been taking tuitions, to her. She was very intelligent, so the students adjusted themselves with her. Mom got her students for 5 more batches. Thus her earning went on uninterrupted. Then Mom got Dolly’s father a job as an electrician.

Coming back to the time when Dolly was with Mom. Mom went to her home and told her grandmother to take back her words about Dolly that she would be a burden to them and Ronak would earn for them. The old woman asked, “Why?”

Mom replied, “Remember what happened with your son? Your daughter-in-law is someone else’s daughter. She is taking care of you even now.”

The old woman became silent and Mom gave Dolly to her mother saying, “Make Ronak and Dolly reconcile with each other.”

Then Mom pampered Ronak saying, “You should not compare yourself with your sister. You are older and a good boy.” And then she returned home.

Dolly would often imitate her mother as well as her Mummy Aunty. Mom would type her stories on a typewriter and this girl would confiscate the typewriter to work on it herself. She wanted a paper to be put in the typewriter and Mom would oblige. Then, while typing she would point out to us (Mom and me) and say, “Dono meko dittub karte ho,” i.e. “Both of you disturb me!” In the picture, she is threatening us.

To be continued…


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