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I Want That Doggie

I Want That Doggie

A boy would look for stray puppies and bring them home to sell them to the needy. One day, a smaller boy came to buy one puppy. The previous day this boy’s neighbor had bought a dog at Rs.500. The demand for the dogs had increased, so the price that the older boy quoted that day was Rs.800. But, the younger boy had only Rs.500. The older boy told the younger boy to pay the rest of the amount next month.

I Want That Doggie
I Want That Doggie

When they went to the dog house to select the dog for the little boy to buy. There was a little dog, who was limping. The little boy selected this dog. The older boy was ready to give the limping dog for free because it was useless for him. But, the little boy placed the Rs.500 in the other boy’s hand and said he would get the remaining amount next month. He had come only to purchase this dog. When the older boy enquired about the other boy’s choice, the little boy lifted his pant and showed the Jaipur foot on his right. He said, “Only this dog will understand me.”
The differently-abled people look for affection from us and not mercy or being made fun of. But, who understands this? Some people are born to make fun of others. Some others are taught by their parents to make fun of others. Making fun of senior citizens, dark-skinned people, the standard of living and what not. This is because they do not know what is the standard of life.
What is standard of life? People, living happily and highly satisfied with what God has given them, live the right standard of life. These people can understand the other people’s problems. They do not poke their noses into other people’s business. They do not create misunderstandings. They fulfill their own life’s purpose while living this life. They have all the greatnesses.

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