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Crow Feeding Young Ones

This is How it is Being a Mother

A friend was touched by this real incident. She told me and I am sharing it here with you.
A mother was helping her 8-year-old son fly a kite because her husband was not in town. The manja or the thread holding the kite has small glass pieces in it. So it can get dangerous. The manja caught a crow and the kite flew to an electric pole to get tied to it. The kite was fluttering and so was the crow, unable to get untangled.

Crow Feeding Young Ones
Crow Feeding Young Ones

The mother called up animal rescuers to rescue the crow. The rescuers had just removed the crow from the manja and had applied the medicine. They were about to place it in a cage to be taken care of for some days. But, it flew away, but, with difficulty because it had hurt its body and wing. The rescuers left satisfied that at least they had removed it from the manja.
The crow flew to a close by tree. The bird was crowing pitiably because of the pain. The mother went and lay down with her son in her bedroom thinking about the requirement of such kite flying, which wounded birds this way. The window was open. Just outside the window sill, there was a sparrow’s nest. The 2 adult sparrows were crying at that time. A crow had come to hunt the sparrows, but, the mother in the bedroom shooed it off. The mother then realized that it is the same injured crow. The crow had now picked up the young one of the sparrows. The moment the mother had shooed it off the young sparrow had fallen down from the crow’s beak.
The mother went out to see the young sparrow. Since it was already dead, she placed it on a high ledge so that the injured crow would find it easier to pick it up again. The crow flew with difficulty to the ledge and tore the little dead body into pieces and took them away to its young ones in the nest on a nearby tree.
The mother retired for the day with mixed emotions, thinking, “The roles of mother and father are so great and they nurture their children. But, nature’s rules are harsh. It is survival of the fittest.”


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