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Vata Savitri Pooja
Vata Savitri Pooja

Vata Savitri Pooja

In Hindu Religion, the protection and worship of plants (Vanaspati) are important. Vata Vruksha or Banyan Tree is one of them. A very old lady told us what her grandmother told her. In the olden days, banyan trees would cover a lot of land-area and there would not be even a little sunlight below it. The area below the trees used to be cooler than that created by air conditioners, today. The area would be occupied by rishis to make ashrams in the form of huts. The aerial roots of the tree would spread beside the hut and protect the hut by holding it strongly during heavy winds.

Today, due to pollution these trees do not grow so well. But, Hindus continue to worship banyan trees. Elders say that Gods live on these trees. Brahma dwells in the root. Vishnu lives inside the trunk and the branches. Leaves are the location of Lord Shiva. The female power dwelling inside these trees is Goddess Savitri.

The Vata Savitri Pooja is performed, usually, during the full moon day of the Jyeshta month. Some North Indian communities perform this Pooja on the Jyeshta month’s new moon day. The preparation begins on the Triyodashi before the D-day. Vrata and fast are part of the worship. But, people need to follow the traditions of their own family in this matter.

We will share the Pooja method in the next post.

To be continued…

Vata Savitri Pooja
Vata Savitri Pooja

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