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Geeta Jayanti

Mokshada Ekadashi

Geeta Jayanti

After Sri Panchami, on November 30, 2017; we celebrated Mokshada Ekadashi and Geeta Jayanti. Dattatreya Jayanti also fell on the same day. Since these festivals fell on a Thursday, the day was very auspicious. Since it was Ekadashi, we worshipped Maha Vishnu and Mahalakshmi. We have already shared the information on Ekadashi before. You may refer to that.


Since it was Thursday; the importance of Planet Jupiter increases, we have to bathe in water with Gangajal and wear yellow clothes. We have to offer turmeric added water as arghya to the Sun and chant Aditya Hridaya and Surya Shloka.

On this Ekadashi 5000 years ago, Lord Krishna taught Bhagavad Geeta to Arjuna, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Even today the teachings of Bhagavad Geeta are applicable. We have to place the Bhagavad Geeta book in front of Lord Krishna idol or photo in the worship area. If possible, we have to read Bhagavad Geeta after the pooja. Even the 11th or 11th and 18th chapters can be read alone. This gives the fruits of reading the whole book.

We have to offer plenty of Tulasi leaves and flowers to the book as well as Lord Krishna. Aarti with 18 pieces of camphor is holy. Naivedyam is similar to Janmashtami pooja. We have to partake of the naivedyam after distributing to other devotees. The charity made on this day is considered auspicious. On this day; people, performing good Karma throughout their lives and performing this pooja whole-heartedly are sure to attain moksha; say the Puranas.

We will share more information about Dattatreya Jayanti in the next post.

To be continued…


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