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Navaratri Positive Vibrations
Navaratri Positive Vibrations

Navaratri Positive Vibrations

A Journalist Reveals has been receiving inputs from several people celebrating Navaratri with Golu at home. Hema Sankar from Thane elucidates about the presence of Navaratri positive vibrations at home during these days.

Navaratri Positive Vibrations:

This is what Hema had to say:

I have been in Thane for the last almost 15 years. I am involved in the Golu-keeping activity for the last 18 years. Golu is a Hindu cultural activity. Apart from that, I have been watching my neighbors and relatives keeping Golu. This attracted me and I got inspired to include this in my Navaratri regimen. I can feel the huge amount of Navaratri positive vibrations flowing into our house after the Golu has been kept. It feels like God has entered our house. My whole family is involved in this activity with me. I intend to continue keeping Golu in my house each and every year. It feels very good when people come to visit our Golu.

Hema Sankar
Hema Sankar

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