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On Navaratri (Part II)

Now, we will talk about the kumbha. The kumbha can be of copper, brass, silver or mud. Wash the chosen kumbha well with tamarind and rock salt. Some people apply limestone paste over a one-inch area on the expanded portion of the kumbha and then, apply turmeric and kum kum on it for decoration and holiness. Some other people apply sandalwood powder and turmeric paste in rose water on the entire kumbha and then, apply turmeric and kum kum.


Pour some pure water with a little Ganga water into it. Energize the water calling on the different seas and rivers. Drop a silver coin and one pinch each of turmeric powder, kum kum powder and sandalwood powder inside. Place a bunch of mango leaves or bael leaves or both together on the kumbha and then, a coconut or pomegranate fruit on it. Apply turmeric, kum kum and sandalwood powder on the selected fruit.

Place a short stool or any such thing as an aasana with a red cloth on it, in the pooja area. Drop a few grains of rice or jow or wheat on it and place the kumbha on it uttering Devi’s name. Now, any decoration can be done on this kumbha like placing a Devi’s face, cloth, etc. The kumbha can be elevated and it can be decorated with ghaghra and chunri. Affordable jewelry can also be added to this decoration. Gaja Vastra is prepared in Karnataka with cotton and that is placed like a garland on the kumbha. Flowers are also offered in the form of garlands, etc.

To be continued…


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