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Pain Reliever

On Saturday, I had taken my Mom for a follow-up with her doctor. While we returned, we found a little boy crying in the lobby. The boy would have been 6-7 years old. His mother and grandmother were struggling to soothe him. His right arm had fractured and it was inside a sling. It appeared that the plaster had just been done and perhaps injections had been administered.

The boy was crying in pain and panic. We happened to pass that way and Mom saw him crying. Immediately, Mom asked him what had happened and placed her hand on his head to give Pranic healing for pain relief. As the energy was being absorbed from his head, Mom went on talking to him.

4 years ago, I made her complete BA Psychology. She used all her Psychology knowledge to placate the boy. She said, “You were being naughty and perhaps fell down and hurt yourself. This happens to everybody. Even I fractured my right knee some years ago and was bed-ridden for 6 months. You can move about despite being hurt. I am jealous of you.”

I also told him, “I had hurt myself as a child too. An iron nail had entered my foot. But, I did not cry!”

Mom told him to face such things boldly since this is routine, “Kabhi girna, kabhi uthna. Kabhi bhagna, kabhi rukna.”

The boy began to smile and Mom realized that his pain had been relieved completely.

To be continued…

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