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Painter Anita Narain
Painter Anita Narain

Painter Anita Narain – Lucky to Have Supportive In-laws

Painter Anita Narain
Painter Anita Narain

Oscar Wilde once said, “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” Likewise Chitra Visharad (BFA from Chandigarh), Anita Narain is a painter to reckon with. Having given the Government of Maharashtra exam and being a state and national awardee does not affect her humility. Married into a renowned family of Lucknow and having a Padmashree writer and poet in the family, Anita Narain is lucky to receive support from them. This is often not the case for females even in this 21st century. This Mumbai-born is now settled in Lucknow. She is predominantly a landscape artist and uses symbolism in her paintings with a flourish. She is a self-styled artist, who does not derive support from the auction houses. Having a strong opinion about everything, she is one artist to look out for in the future. A Journalist Reveals interviewed her recently and these are some excerpts:


How important is color scheme in every painting that you do?

I follow the rules of my mind. Whatever rules, whatever color, i.e. whatever my mind says, I do. Sometimes I use cold colors all through the painting and sometimes I use a lot of yellow and orange and red.

Does the mood of the artist influence the end result of the painting?

Yes, it is the mood of the artist that influences the end result. If I am sad, the painting looks gloomy. If I am happy, the painting looks bright.

Do auction houses play a role in art scenario?

I don’t bother about the art scenario. I don’t work for promotion. I do it for my satisfaction only. Do auction houses play a role in the art scenario? Not really. But, they do set a price for the paintings and act as a middleman in the transactions.

What do you do when not painting?

When I am not painting, I am traveling or meditating.

How do you see life and its facts as an artist?

Life has its ups and downs. You have your joys and your sorrows. In art, you have red and you have black. Red is for morning and black is for night and gloom. Colors have a lot to do with your everyday life. Enjoy your life in whatever situation you are.

Where and how do you see yourself in the future?

As a great artist? (Laughs) I am already a great artist I know. I don’t lag behind. I have reached quite a height. But, I need to go higher. I am ready to work hard. There is always a lot of scope to reach perfection. But, this field is very unpredictable. Nobody knows what will happen the next day, which artist will be recognized and who will remain unrecognized. All one can do is work hard to the best of our capacity and wait for the results. Then, the purity shows in your work.


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