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MBA means Main Berozgar Hoon

Subhajit Sarkar says – MBA means Main Berozgar Hoon.

Subhajit is a Management Graduate with over 7 Years of rich experience in diversified sector including BFSI, Media, Manufacturing and Retail. Being born in the defense family had always taught him discipline and it has made him a human being with kindness, generous and helpful outlook. Since childhood days, he has had a flair of reading and writing, which in due course transformed into a passion. Other interests include Philately and collection of antiques. He rejuvenates himself by keeping himself engaged with his family and friends. Being born and brought up in the city of Bombay has always given him wings to pursue his dreams and passion.

Subhajit Sarkar
Subhajit Sarkar

Problem: Subhajit is asking the relevant questions “Are there any steps taken towards changing the fate of unemployment or unemployed youths of the country? Is anybody listening to the shout outs that are being made by the lakhs of Berozgaar educated youths? I had experienced it in front of my eyes. I thought that the real picture could be worth sharing. May be some of us can take charge to change it! Before December 2012, during my life in the Metropolis, I saw my friends, colleagues and even the strangers enjoying their day to day activities. Life was so chilled out. But in December, I was told that my mother had become bed-ridden due to a brain hemorrhage. Being the only son, I had left with no choice, but to return to her in an Eastern State. I planned to look after my parents as well as to fetch a new assignment in the span of a month. After a week, every day I started to visit different placement agencies, but I failed to fetch a suitable job.
The companies where I had applied either did not have requirements or were not having proper resources to create jobs. Even, in case of job portals, I used to receive 15 jobs a day but all are outside my State. I started doubting my confidence and caliber and was getting into acute depression. However, once when I was travelling through a local train, I spotted a hawker who was selling pens to the passengers. He was looking quite educated and was having a great charm in his face. After a brief talk with him, I was shocked that he had a Master’s Degree. Due to scarcity of opportunities and monetary need, he was forced to sell stationary products in train. He could not leave the place, owing to his familial responsibilities. I was relieved that there was nothing wrong with my potential. It’s the current scenario prevailing in the industrial segment here that was the culprit.
I have heard unemployment is a serious concern for each and every country, but is it an alarming issue in India? Is the country’s growth and future at stake? Is this the main reason for, almost half of, the brain drain from top Technical and Management Institute?
Solution: The employment authorities and government, both the central and state, should work in full force to curb unemployment. More and more “Rozgar Yojana” and other employment schemes should be enforced. The educational system and syllabus should be upgraded from time to time. Certain policies should be designed where young graduates from professional schools are made to serve in the rural segment for upbringing and develop initiatives for unemployed youths in interior part of the country.
If things will not change in the near future, the youths will have a negative mentality and outlook towards the country. If the education system can be enforced in a broader way with industry interface syllabus, then youth doesn’t have to leave their country or even the respective state, in search of employment. In addition they themselves can create opportunities by starting their own companies.
This article was first shared in Eve’s Times magazine and has been reproduced here with the permission of the editor, Swati Amar. We at A Journalist Reveals hope that the unemployment problem in India will be solved due to the various schemes available now. But the schemes should be forceful enough to reach the right people and not be lost in the sea of corruption.

MBA means Main Berozgar Hoon
MBA means Main Berozgar Hoon

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