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That class was one of the naughtiest in the school
That class was one of the naughtiest in the school

The Dumb Teacher (Part II)

Continuing with the narrative about the Dumb Teacher, Gauri, I would like to share a couple of incidents that happened with her in another school. She was the class teacher of one division of the eighth standard. This was one of the naughtiest classes in the school. By the time the first unit test began, all the students began to love her. They would listen to everything she told them. The strength of the class was more than 70.
This class used to torture other teachers by behaving badly with them. The previous class teacher would still teach them History and she was treated very badly by them. One day, she could not take it any longer and went to the class Gauri was teaching in, to complain. The job was stressful. Gauri had developed backache due to the hectic schedule. Gauri climbed down the stairs with the pain and asked the other teacher to hold her hand while she came down to the 8th class.
The moment the students saw their class teacher, they fell silent. Gauri did not ask the students anything. She just told them to stand up on their own benches. Silently, they climbed up their own benches. They were still silently standing on their benches when Gauri returned to the class post her lecture in the other one.
During the midterm exams, one of the students had written in their General Knowledge (GK) paper as a reply to one of the questions, “We will go Dhoom machle dhoom machale dhoom.” Gauri took this up during the time parents came to see the answer papers. Gauri told the boy’s mother, “This is what he had written on the GK paper. If I leave it at that just because it is GK, he will take it to the main subjects, too. So, I am telling you about it. If he would have said, ‘I will listen to melodious music’ instead of the name of the song, I would have accepted it.”
Right then, one boy hit the back of one hand on the palm of the other and said, “Shit! Yes.” Other children also agreed to it. That day, Gauri realized her success in teaching. Why did Gauri get such affection from her students from this school? Why was that affection not shared by the other teachers? If highly educated teachers behave like uneducated housewives by gossiping, they only tarnish the divine profession. They not only confer bad name to the institution but also to the entire teaching fraternity.

That class was one of the naughtiest in the school
That class was one of the naughtiest in the school

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