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The Passing of a Legend

Radha Srinivasan entered The True Story office and was told to visit the editor’s central cubicle in the editorial department, immediately. The editor, Mr. Iyer told her to pull up a chair close to him. With him was Katherine D ’Costa, the Bollywood reporter. Katherine or Kates, as Radha called her, was a good friend of hers.
The editor told Katherine, “Go ahead and tell her what you told me.”
Katherine said, “Your favorite female actor Prakriti was found dead in a little-known resort in Goa this morning.”
Radha looked at her friend, shocked. The next moment, she shook herself and asked, “Are you sure?”
The editor gestured the girls to lower their voices. She continued in a low voice, “The whole incident is a little fishy. I suspect foul play.”
Radha asked her in a low voice, “How do you say that?”
Katherine explained her suspicions and asked her, “I requested Iyer Sir to ask you to investigate. I will help you with anything you need.”
Mr. Iyer said, “You can go and investigate the case, immediately. Take Asha Bhat along with you. Be ready to stay there for at least one week. Constantly, keep in touch with me through my private number and email.”

As decided, the 3 girls left for Goa on a flight 2 days later. They were following all the information being given on the TV channels regarding the sad news. When the flight was in the air and the sign of wearing seatbelts was switched off by the cabin crew, a man came toward the girls.
Radha saw him and exclaimed excitedly, “Anna? What are you doing here?”
To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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