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The Passing of a Legend (Part II)

The man in front of the girls was Radha’s elder brother Inspector Kartik Srinivasan. With him was Senior Inspector Keshav Pradhan. They were in plain clothes. Radha looked away from Keshav because she was still angry with him for playing a prank on her. Kartik looked at his sister smiling and said, “Surprise! We are here for the same purpose as you. Mr. Iyer told us to join you.”

Radha introduced her brother to Katherine. Kartik introduced his colleague to Katherine. Kartik did not say anything further and both the police officers sat on the empty seats across the aisle.

The girls began talking in low voices about the case. At that time, Asha said, “We will have to wait till we land to talk to Kartik Anna and Keshav for more information.”

At Dabolim Airport, they all deboarded the flight. The fivesome made it to Stevenson Beach Resort in Polem, soon and booked 2 rooms for themselves. Then, the men came to the girls’ room to discuss the further course of action in the case. They carried the chair from their room with them. There was one chair already present in the girls’ room. The men were sitting on the chairs and the girls were sitting on the bed.

Radha began, “Let’s list the known facts about the case. First, Actor Prakriti is found dead in the bathroom of one of the rooms at this resort. Prakriti is or was a South Indian actor working in Bollywood movies. Second, she seems to have drowned in the bathtub filled with water.”

Asha took up from there, “Third, there was a small but significant gash on the back of her head. Fourth, traces of alcohol were found in her blood. Fact remains that Prakriti did not drink hard liquor. Fifth, she was a very healthy person. These last 2 facts do not add up, with the rest. Do we know anything else?”

Katherine spoke up, “Prakriti was at the peak of her career. There were rumors of her marriage with someone from the industry, some years ago. We don’t know who. The dead body’s photograph given to the reporters looked different from Prakriti. That made me suspicious.”

Keshav joined the discussion. He said, “I know who she was married to.”

Everybody turned to look at him. He continued, “He was a movie producer named Manav Singh Rajput. They were divorced recently.”

To be continued…

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