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The Passing of a Legend (Part III)

“How did you know?” Radha asked Keshav Pradhan.
“I have been doing some background research on this case from the time reports of her death began to be circulated around. I knew Radha would be assigned the case and Mr. Iyer would ask us to investigate it with her. Mr. Iyer has also told us to investigate the case incognito and not to go to the local police.”
“Why did our editor tell us to investigate the case incognito? And how did we journalists not know about the marriage and divorce?” Radha wanted to know.
“Mr. Iyer has his own reasons. The matters of Prakriti’s marriage and divorce were hushed up,” Keshav replied.
“So, what else do we know?” Asha asked.
Kartik replied, “At the moment, the local police have sealed the entire floor where the death took place.”
“So now, it is the time to find out more,” Asha voiced everybody’s thoughts.

That night it was decided that they would go to the third-floor room where Prakriti’s body was found and investigate further. They had already had their food at the dining hall on the ground floor. The girls went first trying to behave casually. The men followed them making sure no one saw them. On the third floor, there was nobody keeping a watch. So, the fivesome carefully passed the police-made barriers and moved toward the room where the deceased actor was staying before she died.
They were about to reach the room where Prakriti was staying before her death when Asha detected some movement from the direction of the service lift. The fivesome began to look for a hideout. They found the storeroom, which was not locked. They went into the small room. The space was cramped. But, they managed to squeeze inside. Keshav opened the door just a crack and he saw a room-boy pass them with a trolley having covered food-filled dishes on it. The fivesome could smell the delicious aroma of the food from their hideout.
Keshav immediately closed the door carefully. When he opened it again, the room-boy was not to be seen. The fivesome came out of hiding. Kartik asked, “This floor is sealed. Nobody is supposed to be here. Where is this room-boy taking the food?”
To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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