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The Passing of a Legend (Part IV)

The fivesome looked around, again and still could not see the room-boy. So, they advanced toward the room where Prakriti was staying on the fateful day. Keshav fished out a Swiss knife and tried to open the built-in lock of the door. Initially, it did not budge. But minutes later, it opened silently. They entered and closed the door behind it, just in case they were found by someone. They searched the room. But, none of them came up with anything. It appeared that the police had made a thorough search.
This time Katherine heard someone outside the room. The knob turned and the fivesome ran helter-skelter looking for places to hide. It was the room-boy. The young man looked around in suspicion, went out and closed the door. The fivesome came out of hiding and found themselves locked inside the room.
“Now what?” Radha asked.
“Now, we go out before the room-boy brings someone with him,” Keshav replied and went toward the door. Using the Swiss knife, he opened the door again from the inside. When they walked out, they heard 2 men talking to each other. The sounds were coming from the direction of the service lift. Keshav directed all the others toward the storeroom. They were just in time to close the door as the room-boy and the manager passed them to go to the room they were in, some time ago. When they went inside the room, Keshav gestured the others to leave together. When the fivesome was out of earshot of the manager and the room-boy, they gave out sighs of relief. They reached the girls’ room and discussed the developments behind closed doors.
“Something suspicious is really happening here,” Radha commented. “There is someone on the floor where no one is supposed to be.”
To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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