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Staff Room

The Scam in Junior College (Part VIII)

A couple of days later Radha had her dance exams. During the break and free lectures in college she practiced while sitting in her seat, eyes closed in concentration. The supervisor told her to perform in front of them. The Commerce lecturer, Mr. Pitale, who was sitting in front of her, immediately commented, “Tell her to stand on the table and perform.”

“Sir, this is Bharatanatyam, not cabaret. There is a lot of difference between the two,” was Radha’s curt reply.

The only person, who would acknowledge her presence and respect her for being herself, was David, who taught Accounts. David sat right in front of her in the staff room. When they met outside, while entering the college premises, he would greet, “How are you Miss Radha Srinivasan?”

To which she would ask, “Hey, David, where is your Goliath?”

To which he would reply, “In the jungle.”

Staff Room
Staff Room

They both had a very cordial relationship with each other. Radha felt very comfortable in his company like she felt with her brother Kartik. That is why she would often call him David Bhaiya.

Radha had been sharing notes with Gauri regarding the happenings in college. Gauri had told her that one of the single female teachers Reena had tied rakhi to two of the male teachers one day before the festival. “But something is not right between her and one of the male lecturers Sudeep to whom she tied a rakhi. Their whole attitude towards the brother-sister relationship is wrong.”

One day, Radha found 2 students, a girl and a boy standing discreetly holding hands in front of their class. Before she could say anything, the Staff Supervisor, caught them and asked the boy tauntingly, “Is that your sister?” The boy immediately dropped the girl’s hand.

After two lectures that day, when Radha was on her way to the ladies wash room, she saw Sudeep was walking towards the gents’ wash room and Reena was returning from the ladies one. Sudeep stuck out his leg in front of Reena and she, in turn, pinched his buttocks. Everything happened in front of some students. So Radha warned Sudeep, “Can you keep these things private?”

To be continued…

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