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Science Class

The Scam in Junior College (Part VII)

At the end of the month, they all got payment in cash but they were made to sign a register on which higher sums of money were written.

Science Class
Science Class

The next day, she had a class in XIth Science class, which was one of her favorite classes. She enjoyed teaching the Science class, perhaps because of her own Science background. She particularly loved the lesson, where a doctor lost all the fingers of his right hand due to a laboratory accident and regained it due to his research and some help from his own wife, who was also a doctor. The topic being right up their alley, the students listened to the lesson with pin-drop silence. After the lesson was over, the students came up with interesting questions.

“Miss, do you think this really can happen?”

“It could in future. Keep your minds open and be ready to accept what Science gives you.”

Another student asked, “I read in the newspaper that a woman was given a kidney from a dead body. How can that be?”

“Yes, this is happening currently. It is called Cadaver Transplantation. The new kidney, if it matched with the patient’s body type, is transplanted.”

To be continued…

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