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Welike – Taking Social Media by Storm

Last month, a new social media app called Welike was announced on one of the Facebook’s media groups. A Journalist Reveals joined to just check it out and within a month we have a large following on it. One of a kind app, Welike was launched on Google Play Store on March 30, 2018. Within this short span, the number of members is 6 lakhs and still counting. We decided to talk to the spokesperson from the Welike team to know more about the app and their future plans. Siddharth Venkataraman, Director of Operations enlightened us about how they disrupted the entire social media space. Excerpts:


What exactly is Welike?

Welike is a platform for the masses for India. The idea is to provide a platform for people to meet and interact with people of the same interest.

What was the concept that inspired you to start this app?

The concept is simple. We Indians are already surrounded by so many social media apps. But Welike serves the purpose of all the three major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And it’s distinct qualities stands apart from the other players.

Who has the maximum followers?

There are several users. The official handle has over 300,000 followers. I personally have over 75000 followers.

Why only a mobile app, initially? Why not a website as well?

This is because we wanted to provide an easy way of communication for users. And mobile is accessible everywhere. However, we do plan to launch the web version soon after we optimize the app completely in the Indian market.

Tell us about Welike’s journey till now. What are your plans for the future?

Welike’s journey has been very positive till now. People have accepted the app with warmth and we see a bright future for it. There are a lot of good things and of course some issues with the app too. Once we finalize everything, we are sure that it will be the next big thing in India.

Update: On July 7, 2018, almost one month after A Journalist Reveals joined Welike, our social media manager Gayatri was trolled by someone on the social media app. From the beginning, Gayatri had been in touch with the Welike Vertical Manager, who was helping her with small difficulties, free of cost. This is a feature of Welike that needs to be appreciated. Gayatri complained to him about the troll and he immediately sprang to action. He first told her to block the person and then warned the troll against doing it. Gayatri was also told that severe action would be taken against the troll if the behavior continues. Even Facebook does not care about protecting women from trolls. Welike’s prompt action is sincerely appreciated.

A Journalist Reveals' Social Media Manager Trolled
A Journalist Reveals’ Social Media Manager Trolled
Siddharth Venkataraman, Director - Operations
Siddharth Venkataraman, Director – Operations

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