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Amla Navami

Amla Navami

The Navami after Gopashtami is also called Ugadi Navami as well as Amla Navami. On this day, Satyayuga began. Thus, it is called Ugadi Navami. On this day, the Amla plant is worshipped.

Once, Adi Shankaracharyar went to a poor Brahmin’s house for bhiksha. There was no eatable in the house. So, the Brahmin’s wife gave him an Amla fruit and looked at him sadly that she could not give anything worthwhile. He took the fruit happily and chanted Kanakadhara Stotra and it rained gold coins inside the Brahmin’s house.

Amla Navami
Amla Navami

So, on this day, if Amla is worshipped with Kanakadhara Stotra, we can attain every kind of wealth. We also celebrated the festival at home. I am sharing the photographs here.

Amla is almost like gemstones. It reduces all health problems. On this day, beginning to eat Amla is good for the health. Amla postpones old age. People, who are not in a position to get Amla, can eat chyavanprash.

On this day, Lord Krishna collected an army of Yadavas and went from Brindavan to Mathura. On the next day, He killed Demon Kamsa.

There is a story connected to this. I will share it in the next post.

To be continued…

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