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An Hour of Relaxation at Four Fountains Spa

An Hour of Relaxation at Four Fountains Destress Spa

Recently, I was invited for a complimentary 1 hour treatment session to Four Fountains Spa, Malad branch. Due to my high stress levels as a result of my job (as a senior journalist), the spa doctor convinced me to take a back massage with foot reflexology treatment.


Décor: Though the reception area is small, our mind is made expectant of the treatment, which will happen within the therapy room. The therapy room is typically has reduced lighting for the therapy. Even before the therapy starts the ambiance relaxes us.

Back Massage
Back Massage

Treatments: Back Massage: The main reason for back pain is muscle strain. Back massage addresses this aspect of stress. It reduces aches and pains. If we ignore it, the ailment might reach chronic levels and your physical activity and movement will become limited. This particular back massage is based on Swedish massage and works on individual muscles of the back to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply. It also reduces the production of lactic acid, which is often the main cause of the pain. My therapist, Afroz, applied sesame oil and the pressure from her fingers and at times her forearms to reduce the kinks and the knots on my back. At the end of it I felt highly relaxed and the pain and the tension on my upper and lower back had reduced.

Foot Reflexology: This treatment targets tiredness, which when ignored can result in fatigue and dullness. Traditionally, the Chinese believed that every point on each foot corresponds to an organ in the human body. While doing back massage, itself, my therapist had given me an idea of what was to come. Using the edges of a jimmy, that

Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology

somewhat looks like a wooden door knob, she applied pressure on each of my foot’s reflexology points. As pressure was applied to the points, the corresponding organs of the body de-stressed and relaxed as she had promised. When pressure is applied to the feet, a signal is generated and relayed by the brain to the internal organs for the circulation of the necessary adjustments of fuel and oxygen. She also told me that if she used her hand, she would not be able to maintain the pressure for optimal time. Here too sesame oil was used. The end result – a refreshed, flexible and energetic me! 🙂

The Bill: Back Massage – Rs.949/- and Foot Reflexology – Rs.849/-. There are week day discounts and membership plans too.


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