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Dengue Mosquito

Beware of Dengue

My yoga teacher Farina Redkar is one of our well-wishers. She is the one who helped me with inputs for the article on Kandrasana (http://ajournalistreveals.com/kandrasan/). What she told me during our yoga session today was an eye-opener.
Dengue, everybody knows,

Dengue Mosquito
Dengue Mosquito

is caused by viruses injected by mosquitoes during the day. But the effect of these viruses can be prevented by a recipe made from easily available substances, according to Farina.
She told me today that we need to wash some tulsi (holy basil) leaves and grind it with coriander seeds. Then this mixture needs to be boiled in water. The decoction then has to be filtered and consumed 2-3 times per day until the dengue epidemic is around.

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