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Dr. Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum

Dr Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum Review

It was only recently that Alisha Bhimani from PR agency Ipan Hill + Knowlton Strategies contacted me regarding Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum Review.
Her mail said:
Dr Batra’s introduces Dr Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum, a daily use serum for shiny and lustrous locks this monsoon. The hair care product enriched with goodness of plants like Thuja occidentialis, Capsicum, Ginseng and Hops helps smooth out and nourish dry and unruly hair thereby causing hair loss reduction and improving hair growth.
Dr Akshay Batra, Vice Chairman and Managing Director –Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic, “These days more people in cities carp about hair loss. This is a common complaint among the younger generation due to their lifestyle. Such hair fall issues arise as a result of frequent chemical-based hair styling treatments, illness, stress, poor nutrition and pollution. Dr Batra’s hair serum is a healthy solution for those suffering from hair loss and damaged hair. The hair serum helps stimulate hair growth thus making hair stronger, with reduction in hair fall and damage.”
The Hair Vitalizing Serum contains Pisum sativum sprout extract stimulating hair growth at the root. It also contains Thuja occidentialis, which reduces hair fall. This product is suitable for everybody, who have dry, damaged hair.
The hair serum costs Rs 550/- for a 125 ML bottle and can be bought from any of the Dr.Batra’s Clinics in India as well as from modern retail outlets and pharmacies.
Dr Batra’s products are developed with the expertise of doctors, who have treated more than 1 million hair and skin patients. Manufacture of Dr Batra’s products do not use chemicals like SLE and Paraben and are made from natural actives.

Dr. Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum
Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum

My Experience: When I suggested a product review, Alisha wanted to know my postal address and I shared it with her. I received the product the next day itself. When I read the instructions on the packet, the information contradicted what I already knew about serums. So I contacted her again with a couple of questions and she promptly got me the replies.
The questions and their answers:
1. Do we have to use it after hair wash? Can’t we use it otherwise? (Serums are used after hair-wash, right?)
A. It can be used any time. It is not recommended to use it with oil, rest at any point in time.
2. Do the ingredients have a cooling effect on us? I have severe sinus problem. So if they have such a cooling effect then I need to be sure that I use it on a warmer day.
A. No, there is no cooling effect.
After getting this information, I started using the product. The product used over-night gives best results. So I tried it overnight once. The packet says that if there is a bare patch in the scalp, we have to spray some of it there and start massaging with finger tips. Slowly we should spread the serum to the other areas. Though I have severe hair loss problem, I luckily do not have a bare patch as of now. So I took some of the serum on my hands and just applied as instructed on the entire scalp area.
According to the packet, the serum slows down hair loss and hair thinning and helps stimulate hair growth. It also has an anti-dandruff action. It is too early for me to say if the product had the above result on my hair and scalp. But after a particularly wild ride in a rickshaw for 3 hours to and from my home to the Hare Krishna temple, recently, having left my hair loose, I used the product on my frizzy hair and got a big surprise. As I combed my hair after the application of the product, there was not a single knot! I love experiments and the above one paid off. So I can assume that the other claims also might very well work.


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