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My Aunt Gifted a Doll to Pooja

Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (Part III)

My aunt told them to take the mother to a good psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist. She also advised them to take her to as many temples as possible. My aunt also added, “Tell her that the child was with her for 5 years at least. Many parents lose their children at birth as well. She could take care of the child for 5 long years. She has to be satisfied that the child’s suffering got over. Tell her to pray for his soul’s peace.”

My aunt also told them to take her to gardens where children play. She will find her child in those children. She can donate money to organizations catering to children with health issues. My aunt also told a few things to the father and the old lady. I am stopping this narrative and coming to the point.

My Aunt Gifted a Doll to Pooja
My Aunt Gifted a Doll to Pooja

A similar case came to the attention of my aunt. The parents of a girl child had placed a pathetic request for a donation for the operation of their child. The girl’s name was Pooja Dhabolkar. Several things came in newspapers. But, this did not go out of my aunt’s mind. She wrote to them that she can help them to some extent. The father and the maternal aunt of Pooja came to see my aunt with medical reports. My aunt realized that this was a genuine case. So, she took photocopies of the medical reports and the parents’ donation request letter from them.

My aunt had written a fictitious piece called A Family Feud for a magazine. It had touched several hearts and many had come forward to give money to the writer. At that time, my aunt had told them to help generously for little thalassemic and cancer patients. They had saved about 2 lakhs in that fund. She gave the money to Pooja’s parents and went on to collect some more money from their colony people. My aunt also went to her friend little Dolly’s exercise classes and collected some money from the people coming there. She also collected some money from Dolly’s brother Ronak’s games class. They collected up to 6 lakhs at that time.

To be continued…

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