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Netflix Promoting Social Causes

We received this information from Netflix today and are sharing it for our readers – Netflix Promoting Social Causes. Monica Shergill, the Vice President of Netflix, says that the OTT platform believes that online content has the power to highlight causes that need attention. Read on to know more:

Netflix Promoting Social Causes

What we see on screen has often been a reflection of reality. Films, documentaries, serials and even animated content have helped create awareness in the society on different social issues. Netflix is cognizant of this and has chosen to talk about issues such as gender bias, infertility and women empowerment through its content in India.

For instance, our Emmy Award-winning series, Delhi Crime, sensitively portrayed an incident that shook the entire nation. The story, which had Shefali Shah playing Vartika Chaturvedi, a tough cop, also had undertones of gender bias and other stereotypes addressed subtly.

Handling subjects with sensitivity

Entertainment content has the power to influence the masses toward a particular trend, thought and ideas in the most subtle way. It has the ability to bring in the hardest topic on the table, the conversations that are either brushed under the carpet or talked in hushed tones; weaving stories and narrating them through its cinematic marvels without any moral posturing.

Take the example of physical disabilities, a subject that often finds itself mired in stereotypes. However, in recent times films such as Ajeeb Dastans, an anthology of four strangely contrasting stories, won appreciation for the sensitive portrayal of a character with hearing impairment played by Manav Kaul.

Then, there is Kota Factory that focuses on the Indian education system and also addresses the mental issues that students go through while preparing for competitive examinations.

Encouraging a new generation of storytellers

By backing more subversive and taboo-breaking shows, streaming platforms are also encouraging a new generation of Indian storytellers who are giving their country — and streaming audiences worldwide — a new view of themselves. In Tribhanga – Tedhi Medhi Crazy, which marks Kajol’s debut on OTT, centers around mother-daughter relationships while also highlighting issues like gender equality, gender determination tests and women empowerment. While Pagglait tells the heart-warming tale of a young widow who aspires to break away from tradition and stand on her own feet despite societal pressure.

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