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Rashmi Shetty and her Storytellers
Rashmi Shetty and her Storytellers

Rashmi Shetty Tells the Story of Storytellers 101

Continuing with our series on Women Entrepreneurs, we introduce Rashmi Shetty. Rashmi Shetty is the Co-founder of Storytellers 101 Communications. Storytellers 101 offers people a work from any place option and clearly is the only PR firm that has thrived on autonomy with responsibility. Here are excerpts from her interview:

What inspired you to start Storytellers?

The calling to not just balance your multiple roles but also enable others to fulfill their professional and personal pursuits is what led to the birth of Storytellers 101 Communications. We are the only new age public relations (PR) consultancy in India today, which offers this unique proposition of working from wherever you can, with sacrosanct client deliverables and the flexibility to schedule your workday. At Storytellers 101, both Leon (my business partner) and I ensure that work-life balance is a real thing (smiles). We offer media outreach, collaborations and events counseling, providing a holistic communications and public relations approach to our clients.

Are there any training courses for PR?

Yes, there are specific courses on Public Relations that one can pursue. I have in fact taught a module in one of the most dynamic PR courses offered at the Xavier Institute of Communications. Besides Xaviers, you have the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, MICA, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications and others which offer a comprehensive course of communications inclusive of public relations.

What qualifications are required for this?

The above-mentioned colleges and others, who offer PR courses, usually confer a post-graduate diploma in PR and that helps get a foothold in the industry. Your growth is also faster if you have some exposure to this field through these courses as you can hit the ground running as soon as you join any firm. Freshers in any educational stream could also look at PR and get on ground training, as long as they are clear on the expectations from the job and their roadmap in this industry.

What services do you give from your organization?

At Storytellers 101, we clearly believe in telling the brand story on an individual basis, focusing on the uniqueness of the business offering and nurturing the brand. We don’t adopt a – one size fits all – approach. We understand the client business and offer communication plans that entail media outreach, events participation and collaboration. All with the single focus of offering public relations driven communication that impacts business.

Do you think this service is relevant in this digital age?

More so today in this digital age than ever! Where news tweets and brand images are made and broken digitally, it’s imperative to understand the key role that a sustained PR campaign plays in building and sustaining a brand image. Businesses have to tell their story in a unique manner that is engaging and involving their current and potential stakeholders. PR enables you to tell not just about the current state of one’s business but it’s future and also on how the industry, in which the business is operating, is shaping up.

Rashmi Shetty and her Storytellers
Rashmi Shetty and her Storytellers 101

What is your support system?

I have an amazing support system without whom none of this would have been possible. My loved ones support me in all walks of life. Having an amazing school, therapists and parents support group helps me enable my son’s journey on the autism spectrum. Having the support of my business partner along with our team is what keeps storytelling alive at Storytellers 101. I also lean in on my house staff for running the household and on my friends for just letting my hair loose! I also involve myself in some social work as nothing is more joyful than giving.

What are your future plans?

As we look at growing the business we remain committed to our focus on delivering effective PR campaigns for our existing clients. Our network has grown to 9 cities and we will look at strengthening this further. We want to establish that firmly with clear policies and procedures in place with our clients and employees in the center of everything we do, we can deliver sustained PR outcomes whilst working from anywhere.

A final quote?

I strongly believe that – nothing is impossible. As women, we play multiple roles and we go through some life experiences that alter us. Don’t lose your shine. Don’t compromise, adjust or be passive. A straight line is usually indicative of no life. You have one life. Seek all the help you can, work on yourself, love fearlessly, feel deeply, be your emotional wreckage, be everything except complacent. Evolve, grow and remember those who get your light will always be part of your journey. Make your life count.

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