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Rizwan Sikander

Rizwan Sikander Plans to Release his Second Song Soon

For generations, Rizwan Sikander’s family loved cinema. Fate had its way and he relocated to Mumbai in 1991. As soon as Sikander managed to find his foothold in Mumbai, he was selected to participate in Fear Factor and flew to Malaysia, for the shoot. Rizwan Sikander is placing his best foot forward and is confident of a bright future.
How was your childhood?
I was born in Makrana, Rajasthan. Believe it or not, I was quiet as a kid. At the same time, I would dance and enjoy life in my own way. In those days I kept my emotions to myself, even a smile was hard to come by. Now I’m a completely different person. I have evolved for good.
You and your sister Shama came to Mumbai to join films. What was your parents’ reaction when you both told them regarding your Bollywood desires?
My father had a video shop and always had high regard for cinema. In fact, it was my father’s dream that Shama would one day be recognized in Bollywood. He shifted his business to Mumbai because he too believed in us.
As a kid, I would accompany Shama for her meetings which gave me great exposure. I was soon presented the opportunity to do a ramp show for Spykar jeans and was given cameo roles in television serials as well.
My family supports everything I do and they are proud of my work.

Being Fit is One of his Hobbies
Being Fit is One of his Hobbies

What are your current projects – TV and movies?
I am exploring some short films. They are more eccentric and unique. That’s all I can reveal on the acting part just yet. But I can add that I am also associated with an NGO and I am attending many events.
After your debut in music with Roadie hoon main…, have you planned anything else?
I have written some songs and spent some time in the studio. I want my music to have fire so it’s all about finding the right creative team and wait for things to click. Don’t worry, the music is coming!

Rizwan Sikander
Rizwan Sikander

What else can we expect from you soon?
With me it’s always a big heart, a lot of passion, and hunger. I just hope to be a better me each day.
What are your hobbies?
I enjoy dancing. I am also a fitness fanatic.
What do you see 10 years hence?
Same place, just a bigger platform. I’d like to be established in Bollywood and bundling in Hollywood. I want music to inspire other artists. I want to be fitter and have accomplished a few more fitness feats. Like you said, it’s just the beginning.


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