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Symptoms of Sinusitis
Symptoms of Sinusitis

Common Winter Complaints (Part II)

A Journalist Reveals continues with the insights into the Symptoms of Sinusitis, with Common Winter Complaints (Part II), with inputs from Dr. Vinod Kumar Tiwari, head of Research and Development, Planet Herbs Lifesciences. This is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

Symptoms of Sinusitis:
  • Morning headaches originate from blocked sinuses.
  • Frontal sinuses are inflamed if forehead over the sinuses is touched.
  • Cheeks are too tender to touch and there is a pain in the upper jaw and teeth. This symptom is indicative of maxillary sinuses infection. Inflammation in the ethmoid sinuses (near the corner of the eyes, at the location of tear ducts) causes the eyelids and the tissues surrounding the eyes to swell. Also, there is pain between the eyes. This also causes tenderness on the sides of the nose, a temporary loss in the sense of smell and blocked nose.
  • The infection in the sphenoid sinuses is, comparatively, less frequent. However, it can cause aches in the ear and neck with deep pain at the crown of the head.
To be continued…

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