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Common Winter Complaints

Common Winter Complaints

A Journalist Reveals has been on the lookout for remedies for Common Winter Complaints like sinusitis and bronchitis. We found Dr. Vinod Kumar Tiwari, Head of Research and Development, Planet Herbs Lifesciences, who told us more about these issues. We did an elaborate interview of the doctor and here are some excerpts:


Common Winter Complaints:

2 very common cold weather conditions in humans are sinusitis and bronchitis, especially in northern climes. Sinus pressure, headaches, nasal discharge and nagging coughs can cause sinusitis and bronchitis sufferers to feel simply miserable.

Sinuses are the continuation of the nasal tracts in the form of hollow air spaces. They open out into either one of the nostrils for the free exchange of mucus and air. A mucous membrane lines their continuity with the nasal passage. Any irritation that causes a swelling inside the nostrils – maybe an infection, an allergy or an immune reaction – can affect the sinus cavities.

When mucus blocks a sinus cavity, often air is also trapped in it. In such cases, mucus is often accompanied by pus or other secretions. These air bubbles can cause pressure on the wall of the sinus cavity and result in intense pain. This is a sinus attack. Sometimes a swollen membrane can block an air bubble at the opening of the paranasal sinus; resulting in a vacuum that in turn causes pain.

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