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Kojagiri Pournima

We cleaned and applied cow dung, etc. on the place of worship. We have to draw Ashtadalapadma rangoli on that place mixed with turmeric powder. Some people extend the rangoli by adding more petals within each petal. At the 4 corners, we have to draw lotuses with leaves. The 4 ...

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Trayodashi (IInd and Concluding Part)

Now, I am sharing about Triyodashi evening’s Pradosha Pooja. People, living near Lord Shiva’s temple and those who have the facility to visit temples for the pooja, can perform it there. People, performing this pooja at home, should fast from the morning. They should take a purifying bath in the ...

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On Navaratri (Part IV)

Today is the first day of Navaratri. Some spiritual people say that this time the Devi has descended to the earth from the heavens on an elephant. After placing the kumbha and the dolls in the pooja area, we have to begin the pooja. We have to apply an auspicious ...

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On Navaratri (Part III)

Continuing with yesterday’s post on kumbha worship, some people are beginning the pooja from 21st morning itself. Some people are planning to begin from the 21st evening. Some of them have decided to prepare the kumbha on the 20th itself. Kumbha can be kept on mandasana or a vidhana can ...

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