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Kojagiri Pournima

We cleaned and applied cow dung, etc. on the place of worship. We have to draw Ashtadalapadma rangoli on that place mixed with turmeric powder. Some people extend the rangoli by adding more petals within each petal. At the 4 corners, we have to draw lotuses with leaves. The 4 other corners will have Om (on top), Swastik (below) and shankha and chakra (on either side). An oil or ghee lamp is placed nearby and the entire rangoli is decorated with turmeric powder, kum kum, mantrakshade and flowers. We have to perform aarti to the rangoli with camphor.


Next is the prayer – that we have prepared a place for placing the God. We have to pray to Lord Ganesha in the mind so that there are no obstacles in performing the entire pooja. Next, we have to clean the peetha, on which we have decided to place the kumbha. Spread a pure yellow or red cloth on it. On the 4 sides, we have to tie banana shoots.


A Ganapathy, made from turmeric paste, should be placed on a pan leaf and place it on one side in front. We have to perform panchopachara or shodashopachara for this Ganapathy with naivedyam and aarti. If we have Satyanarayana and Satyalakshmi photo, we have to place it on the back side of the peetha. Then, we have to spread whole rice or jow on the peetha over the cloth. If we have Lakshmi-Narayana idols, we can place them in front of the photo.

Now, we have to place 2 kumbhas – one for Kojagiri Lakshmi and the other for Satyanarayana, on the peetha. Any kind of decoration is allowed. Satyanarayana and Satyalakshmi are worshipped with panchopachara or shodashopachara.

Before offering this naivedyam, we have to chant Vishnusahasranama, Vishnusahasranamavali, Lakshmisahasranama, Lakshmisahasranamavali, Sri Sukta and Lakshmi-Narayana Hridaya.

We have to offer different naivedyams for Satyanarayana and Satyalakshmi – Satyanarayana will have sheera type of naivedyam as the mix of 5 items and Satyalaksmi will have payasam with milk and rice. Both the Gods will also have dal amavade. We have to then perform the aarti and read Satyanarayana Story first.

Kojagiri Lakshmi’s story is as follows in short:

A poor Brahmin used to be tortured by his wife due to their poverty. He was a great devotee and would always perform poojas. One day, he could not suffer any longer and left the house. He went to a jungle and spent his days in performing pooja in his mind. A Snake Goddess appeared before him to ask, “Why do you stay alone here?” He was a follower of truth so told Her the truth. She suggested that he perform the Kojagiri Pournima pooja for the resolution of all problems. He performed this pooja for 9 pournimas. Then, he attained all types of wealth in a miraculous way. He took the wealth home and lived happily ever after continuing the pooja every pournima.

Kojagiri Pournima is also significant because Lord Krishna had performed His raasleela. On that day, the moon throws all his 16 rays on the earth. On this night, milk payasam with rice is placed (in mud, silver or glass vessel) on the terrace at night with moonlight falling on it. Overnight, we have to chant the Chandravamsha Lord Krishna Leelas, stotras and bhajans. Before sunrise, the payasam should be partaken as naivedyam. This cures all respiratory problems and coughs.


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